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As a technology integrator, Technolution realizes innovations for its clients. Technology that creates value for your business. We work with you to create the best solutions, from concept  to valuable product or service. Development always starts with an innovative idea, either your own or one that we come up with together. In developing this idea, we make sure first that the corresponding business case is sound. Then we get down to work. We develop and realizethe

system or product using our technical expertise and our knowledge of your domain. Post- delivery we also offer maintenance and support and life cycle management. Ideas for improvement often flow from use, thus closing the loop. In this way we keep innovating together. Technolution deploys its multidisciplinary expertise in an effective way to find the best solution for you, whether this means developing electronics, programmable logic, (embedded) software or a combination of these things. Have a specific question or want to have a specific product developed? We can realize this for you as a project. Sometimes this involves 100% customization, but we use our building blocks wherever possible to create tailor-made solutions within a short time span. And we can offer you one of our products if your requirement doesn’t involve customization.

Technolution has its base in Gouda in The Netherlands and subsidiaries in Denmark and Sweden. Subsidiaries with the intention the become sister companies of the Dutch branch.  The company operates in the traffic and transport, public safety & security, (high-tech) industry and energy sectors. Clients are international organizations that engage them to apply new and existing technologies. MOVINGRAIL is in the heart of the traffic and transport and public safety & security businessunits.

Over the last decade Technolution has been active as partner and still is in a series of national and European R&D projects. A role and effort that is a prerequisite for the way Technolution designs and develops its technical solutions.

Role in the Project

Technolution’s main focus will be on identifying the relevant results and developments in the Automotive sector and translating them into possibilities for the rail and especially the concepts of moving blocks and virtual coupling. Technolution has sufficient experience in these areas as is reflected from the previous projects and publications. One of the developments Technolution has extensive knowledge about is the V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle  and vehicle-to-infrastructure) communications, which is relevant for virtualcoupling.


The project will bring forward innovative concepts of “moving-block” railway traffic operations by (1) advancing testing methods for ETCS Level 3 and (2) Analysing Virtual Coupling which will lead to convoys of automated trains under cooperative adaptive control.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826347.